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Greenfield Woodworks Rockin’ Shop

Greenfield Woodworks is the premier creator of handcrafted custom furniture in Mercer, Pennsylvania. What started out as a hobby, has grown into a full time business for owner, Brett Schroyer. Brett prides himself in keeping old world craftsmanship alive. His hard work ethic started as a young boy, growing up on a small farm and into a fine multi-talented woodworker of today.

Brett has an art background thanks in part to his father, Franklin (Buck), now retired. Buck was an art teacher at a local high school and also taught art appreciation at Penn State, Shenango in Sharon, PA. Brett grew up watching his father paint landscapes and still life paintings in his studio. Below are examples of Brett’s paintings:

A significant amount of Brett’s youth was spent at the studio, practicing and learning. Brett recalls always having a radio on, listening to music as he painted. The atmosphere was a very relaxing place to be. Brett soon discovered that portrait and illustration painting was his passion during this time. He enjoyed working in the styles of Norman Rockwell, Gibson, Barry and Vargas. Brett’s mother was the real music enthusiast of the family. She played the piano, sang and played records. Brett has brothers and a sister that grew up with a fine appreciation for art, design and music, as he did. Brett stated, “I spent countless hours with my giant headphones on and pigment on my shirt; painting, drawing, and dreaming”.

Brett started carpentry work in 1985, and then worked for a log home company in an apprecticeship program in 1991. As a young adult he built a small shop in his parent’s garage with his father making furniture and doing occasional repairs for family, friends and neighbors. Brett reflects, “Dad would gradually buy hand and power tools without his mom knowing about the purchases and hide them in the shop until they were needed for projects”.

Brett’s talents led him to work for Walmart in 1993 as a store merchandise planner, setting up the interior construction of the stores.  He was able to tour the country for four years. While on the road he spent a lot of time driving through small towns as well as big cities, always thinking of that next painting to paint or walking around small furniture shops collecting and developing ideas for his dream woodshop. Brett moved back to Western PA, and went back into his small shop in the garage and started to build.

Brett and his father picked up a book on carving carousel and Victorian style rocking horses and started making his dreams come true.

We didn’t call this blog a “rockin shop” because of the woodworked horses. Some of Brett’s motivation comes from different types of music. Brett’s shop, wired for sound is often filled with the music from Contemporary Christian, to Classical and Rock & Roll. Brett and his brother Dana, have been professional DJ’s for WEXC 107.1. They also produced a podcast  through the internet right from the Greenfield Woodshop supplying, as Brett stated, “music to motivate the industrial mind”, and reaching out to help people woodwork using their woodworking experience. Once per year, Brett has a pre-invitation only open house at his shop to share his craft with the community. Great ideas guys!

Brett expanded to a 42′ x 66′ shop in the last three years with additional capacity for more growth. Greenfield Woodworks was created, and is still growing today. Brett not only expanded his shop, he constantly upgrades his tools and machines purchased from Woodcraft, like his lathe, planer, and many other hand tools. Brett commented, “Just about all of my tools come from Woodcraft including my machinery from Delta including a drill press, mortiser, joiner, sander, 52″ table saw, band saw, and my Flexcut carving tools used mostly on the carousel horses”. Brett also makes all of his drawer dovetails as well as all mortis and tenons.

Brett has added to his woodworking capabilities by creating furniture, building kitchens, restoring antiques, and many other woodworking projects. With Brett’s woodworking knowledge and Karl’s automotive expertise, together they restored a 1928 Chevy truck, check it out…

One of Brett’s rocking horses was on display at The Butler Museum of American Art in Youngstown Ohio:

Recently, Brett has picked up an old 1936 (estimated) Philco radio (shown below) and will be restoring it in the near future. We’ll follow his progress and share it with you as he recreates this classic piece.


Brett gives back to the community by volunteering to teach woodworking home school programs to 7th-12th grade students. This 9 week, 2 hours per week course will begin the first week of October 2010. He will teach 10 children in each class, two separate classes per week with a parent paid class fee for only $75 per student which includes all materials and handouts with each student walking away with 2, possibly 3 projects. The students will learn hands-on, basic woodworking skills with joinery, planing and jigsaw tools with gluing applications to create a cutting board, a small step stool, and maybe a shelf or water pump lamp depending upon how fast the students can learn. Brett’s community has had good response to fill these classes and he hopes to extend the program to 1st-4th graders in the future. He is also considering adding a CNC router from General International as part of the future programs.

Woodcraft will be aiding this home school woodworking program with donations such as safety glasses, aprons, ear protection, glue, tape measures, hammers and other shop accessories for the students.

Greenfield Woodworks offers the very best in custom furniture, cabinetry, restoration and can help design your ideas into building your dream creation. Brett’s mission statement is, “If you can’t find it, we can build it”. Check Brett out at www.greenfieldwoodworks.com, or contact him at these email addresses: greenfieldwoodworks@neo.rr.com, or brett.schroyer@yahoo.com.

Next up is a great product from Timbermate and a look in to our customer service gals here at Woodcraft.

Auf wiedersehen…Frank