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Extreme Garage Shop Makeover – Part 1

Continuing our woodworking adventures into Alabama, we arrive at the home of Woodcraft Magazine senior editor, Joe Hurst-Wajszczuk to cover his 20′ x 22′ interior garage space morphing into an extreme workshop makeover. The 2011 October/ November Issue #43 of Woodcraft Magazine features a special topic on this floor to ceiling, wall to wall transformation with detailed projects, providing instruction on turning any garage, basement or outside structure into a viable workshop. Joe is tasked with converting his 20′ x 20′ two-car attached garage into an organized, fully functioning, safe workshop. The “BEFORE” photo below will give you an idea of what Joe started with.  If the clutter and disorganization looks similar to your work area, then perhaps this information may help you build a workshop makeover too.

From this blog and inside issue #43 of the Woodcraft Magazine, you can start a plan to build that dream shop you’ve been putting off with these projects and shop-building strategies to spark your own ideas. In this case, at the end of  the day, Joe’s workshop can still be used as a garage to park the car, make home repairs, place maintenance and recreational items,  and still have enough room for storage by creating a compact, mobile, completely efficient shop.

Joe’s legitimate workshop started with an organized approach, creating a timeline and floor plan which included wiring & lighting, work schedule with a budget, cleaning out the current space, hiring licensed contractors while prepping, patching & painting walls for storage, and building the modular mobile shop projects.

The June/July Issue #29 references the Dream Shop Planner Guide, Item #150103D , which can be downloaded from www.Woodcraft.com. This can help you create a practical, efficient floor plan. In issue #43, you will find Figure 1 below, with a 3D floor plan referencing the projects that were built and the page numbers in the magazine from which you may build your own. Figure 2 shows the lighting plan and dedicated circuits you will need for some machines. Figure 3 provides a look at the garage shop wiring, where the electrician cut through the drywall to run wiring and install duplex receptacles.

Additional efficient projects are featured, with the compact modular flair using Stackable Stools, 8″ and 12″ Torsion-Box Countertops, and an adjustable height Base Cabinet with adjustable storage sections.

A Bosch Miter Saw Station-Combination Lumber Rack is just the ticket for the back or side of the shop. It has casters for mobility, and features 2 sides for 2 different uses.

The first side has adjustable vertical and horizontal shelving, sliding drawers, a handy storage spot for his vacuum, and a working miter saw area with plenty of length to the left and right for board support or countertop workspace.

Rolling around to the opposite side, we find a lumber storage shelving area.

Additional wall shelving was added for longer boards, and note the type of lighting which really brightens up the entire garage.

Joe also added a great feature for less aches and pains from standing on concrete,  by choosing to install a modular flooring system that is comfortable, resilient, and will provide proper compression for moving tables and machinery while enjoying many hours of woodworking. Different types of flooring were comparatively tested and documented in this magazine issue for ease of installation, comfort, compression, and cleanup/spills before Joe decided on the light gray coin interlocking #540LG45 Flexi-Tile, Woodcraft Item #414824.

Well Joe, now that you have the Superbowl of garage woodshops, now whaddya going to do?

Let’s get over to Woodcraft and add some more equipment and tools!

How about a new Jet Vortex Dust Collection System, Woodcraft Item #849652.

Or for some additional work space, add the portable Vika TwoFold Workbench and Scaffold, Woodcraft Item #149184!

From our visit to Alabama, here is our Extreme Garage Shop Makeover Video, part 1:

In part 2 of the Extreme Garage Shop Makeover, we will cover the Tool Cabinet from the PBS show Rough Cut – Woodworking with Tommy Mac.

Part 3 will show you how to build a modular flip-top cart, and part 4 will have two clamp rack builds.

For the complete “How-To” on making your area into a workshop, get to your local Woodcraft store for Woodcraft Magazine Issue #43 today or on-line, and start your Extreme Garage Shop Makeover today!

Now go make some sawdust…Frank!

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  1. avatar
    Bob, October 14, 2011
    Great garage workshop, my problem is I live in a cluster home in an adult golf neighborhood.My garage is taken up with my wife's car and a golf cart, all my tools need to be portable and on wheels to open the garage for parking. I have accomplished this with all but my table saw. Any suggestions on making a 10" saw more portable? Reply
    • avatar
      Ben, January 2, 2015
      are you still looking for a way to make a 10 inch saw portable? Reply
  2. avatar
    Gary Uhlmann, October 5, 2011
    Nice garage but my garage is where I keep my car and boat...so I have a 6 metre X 6 metre shed out the back to do my woodwork. Which is about 20' X 20'. Thanks Gary Townsville, Australia Reply
  3. avatar
    Victoria Thompson, October 4, 2011
    I gutted my garage and built my own wood shop a few years ago - go to my facebook album to see the shop. I used peg board to make slides to hold tools inside of one of the cabinets. Reply
  4. avatar
    Michael, October 4, 2011
    Thats a nice garage shop. The article was good and the directions for construting were great. WOOODCRAFT magazine is GREAT!!!!! Thanks for the video. When will you do a blog post on the Delta Visit??? Thanks, Michael Frey Portland, OR FREY WOODWORKING INC. Reply
  5. avatar
    Cory, December 15, 2011
    I wish I had an outdoor structure for my workshop. Instead, everything has to live in the house and be rolled outside into the yard to work. There is a real challenge coming up with additional uses for tools while they are taking up room in the kitchen. My lathe has become a paper towel dispenser while inside. I almost had myself convinced that a workbench would be just fine as a dining room table....after all who would notice once the table cloth was in place? Reply
  6. avatar
    hiphopdelight.com, December 19, 2012
    Might you have further articles such as this specific 1 named, Extreme Garage Shop Makeover – Part 1 | Woodworking Adventures? I just wish to read through even a lot more regarding it. Thanks a lot. Reply
  7. avatar
    mike, October 31, 2015
    How big is your garage? Thanks love your lay out. Reply
    • avatar
      Frank, November 2, 2015
      This garage space interior is 20' x 22'. Reply
  8. avatar
    frank, October 5, 2011
    Hopefully you can take advantage of the efficient mobility projects this Woodcraft Magazine Issue #43 has to offer, since your shop and Joe's shop are the same size. I'll have more to come on three additional projects with these mobile carts and work spaces. Reply
  9. avatar
    frank, October 5, 2011
    Trying to get that out this week, lots of video to edit and crunch! Reply
  10. avatar
    frank, December 15, 2011
    I love it Cory! Now here's the nature and personality of a real woodworker. I'd come eat at your workbench any day! Reply
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