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Swing Away with Tom Vensel’s Tail Stock

Tom Vensel is an expert woodworker and part of the Turning Tuesday’s group over at Codger Lodge in Lubeck West Virginia. Recently, I was able to capture his handcrafted Swing-Away Tail Stock. Although there are some other options on the market like this Nova Bed Extension Swing-Away, Tom explains his version here.

This tail stock is made in two parts. The front piece bolts (2) to the lathe and the hinged rear part swings to the left. In this case, both pieces are made from maple and Corian was used for the ways.

The Swing-Away Tail Stock was measured to fit this Nova 1624-44 Lathe.

Two suitcase type fasteners or latches are used on each side to help support the left side of the attachment .

Slide the tailstock out on the swing-away and lock it’s handle.

Then unlatch the suitcase lock and a 3 inch hinge is used to swing the tailstock around until the bottom of the attachment rests on the support board which is attached to the piece attached to the lathe.

The guys at Turning Tuesday’s are productive every week in the woodshop. So head to your shop, be creative and share it with us. You and your ideas could be shown right here on Woodcraft’s Woodworking Adventures Blog!

auf Wiedersehen…Frank



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Comments (3)

  1. avatar
    roberto sanches, May 14, 2012
    excelente forma de ampliar la longitud del torno Reply
  2. avatar
    frank, May 15, 2012
    Translation: great way to extend the length of the lathe Reply
  3. avatar
    Cindy Navarro, April 16, 2013
    I am wondering if it is possible to get the dimension to assist me in making one of these pieces. Reply

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