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A Handcrafted Guitar for Dolly Parton

Dolly_Stutlers_Riddle_SutherlandsIn Leroy, West Virginia is a guitarmaker by the name of Jim Sutherland.  Jim’s daughter, Carrie Stutler and her husband Ken, assist Jim as well as make their own guitars, mandolins and dulcimers.  They do it mainly as a hobby and for fun, but their quality is at a professional level.  Each instrument is very well built and each has a unique sound based on the wood type used.  Jim gets most of his supplies from Woodcraft in Parkersburg, which makes this story very special.  It is not every day we have the honor of presenting you with a story that involves a country music legend such as Dolly Parton, and we are grateful to the Sutherland-Stutler family.

Darin_DavidIt is very cool to know that this guitar for Dolly has a connection with Woodcraft and we appreciate the opportunity to be a part of it all.  I would also like to state that during my phone interview with Jim and his family, they kindly invited us to their home where we met some of their musically talented friends.  Pictured right is David Davis with Darin Lawrence.  Darin is director of Woodcraft’s product development team and is a long time musician.  He accompanied me on this trip, in what I hoped would be a jam session!  We were not disappointed!  Darin has actually accompanied many professional musicians including Jimmy Fortune of the Statler Brothers at Nashville’s Grand Ole Opry House and traveling circuits in the past.  Having Darin along for this blog story was fun and entertaining to say the least, and I thank him for taking the time.  In the photo above, Darin checks out another guitar made by Jim.  Jim’s home was filled with handcrafted instruments, ready for the playing!

Carrie’s sister, Cheryl Riddle works for Dolly Parton as her personal assistant.  The sisters put their heads together and came up with an idea for Jim to make a guitar for Dolly’s birthday.  Little did he realize he was the one to get a surprise visit to meet and present the guitar personally to his  favorite all-time country singer.  The family dragged Jim to Nashville under the pretense that he was just delivering the guitar to Cheryl!  You can imagine his surprise when Dolly came walking out to greet them!

Some of the wood Jim uses in his guitar builds are harvested right from his land.  Other wood and most woodworking supplies Jim, Carrie and Ken get from being patrons of Woodcraft in Parkersburg.  Dolly’s guitar has a maple front, spruce top, padauk sides and back with maple butterfly inlays at each fret position on the bloodwood fret board.  Below are the different build stages through completion.

392816_354699167981704_1216261812_n 527588_354699224648365_1016406241_n 2001_354699507981670_1079099213_n 488304_354699581314996_238609736_n 734042_354699554648332_84497718_n 401393_354699567981664_1164107689_n 530158_354699621314992_1714170207_n DSCN666817914_354697181315236_934809575_n - Copy

Jim, family and friends join in on the successful completion of Dolly’s guitar gift.

562602_354699684648319_122769051_n17914_354697181315236_934809575_nLeroy WV

Jim presented the guitar to Dolly in Nashville at her studio and Dolly surprised Jim with a cake and a song, celebrating both of their birthday’s together.


Jim amused, “Dolly might write a song with the new guitar, and I might get a royalty check… for a buck!”  He also stated, “Dolly was very nice, down to earth, and just like one of us; we had a great time with her!  Dolly loved her new guitar, especially the butterfly inlays and was excited to know it was all hand built just for her.  She played us some tunes and sung happy birthday to me.”

Here are some additional guitar creations by Jim, Carrie and Ken.  Note Carrie’s detailed carvings on the fret board.

399197_306050579513230_1246048939_3 DSCN6627 DSCN6654

Mandolins by Jim:


Jim, Ken & Carrie also make countertops and cabinetry:

411035_359953297356627_851468592_o 331276_359947777357179_196928770_o

Special thanks to Jim and his family for their fine hospitality, treating us like family, and spending the day with us.

321453_558852557466699_882819424_nWe hope this inspires you to be creative in your woodworking.  You never know who you might get the opportunity to share your woodworking with!
So get to your local Woodcraft store or go on-line, then head to your shop and make a difference!  If you are a newbie, start with a woodworking class, and have some fun!

auf Wiedersehen…Frank!

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    Arlin, April 18, 2013
    Wonderful story! Reply
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    Kathy Vance, April 18, 2013
    This is fantastic! What a great story and a real treat to be with Dolly I'm sure. Beautiful instrument. Reply
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    cyndy sundstromCyndy Sundstrom, April 19, 2013
    wonderful story! Reply
  4. avatar
    Lew, April 20, 2013
    So Neat! Jim must be so proud!! Reply

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