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Woody iPhone Cases Now at Woodcraft




Give your iPhone an identity that reflects your enthusiastic woodworking personality.  Now at Woodcraft, this USA handcrafted Mahogany wooden iPhone case is available for your iPhone 4, 4S and iPhone 5.  Unlike plastic cases, these cases are eco-friendly.  You can special order yours today at Woodcraft.com, or call Woodcraft’s Customer Service Department at 1-800-535-4482, where it will be shipped directly from the manufacturer in approximately 5 business days.

The wood used to create them comes from a conservation park in Central America.  Trees that are taken down or damaged from storms are re-purposed.  That is why only limited types of wood are available for these cases.  Jose Jr., owner/operator of Woody cases tells us that they may be getting in some Rosewood and Purpleheart in the future from this conservation park as well.  Kilned and dried in Honduras, the wood is sent to Florida, where Woody Cases hand makes these with a combination of cutting, milling and carving.

Pick from your choice of Amber, Walnut, Cherry, Tan and Natural finishes.












Included with the case is a matching wooden storage box, a cloth for cleaning the front and back of the phone, 1 screen protector, 1 back protector, and instructions for assembly and disassembly. (Note: iPhone NOT included!).  Why a protector for the back you might ask?  Well the iPhone 4, 4s and iPhone 5 backs are made from a softer aluminum that scratch easily.  Even dust particles can leave scratch marks on this back surface.  Inside the case you will notice a layer of faux leather to help grip the assembly of the case to the phone, which works very well.


View this instructional video for assembly and additional product information.

“I soon realized, dad was the master and I was still the student!”…Jose Funes Jr.

Like we mentioned, this company is all USA handcraftsmanship.  Jose Funes Jr. began Woody Cases when the iPhone 3Gs first came out in 2009.  Jr. began woodworking in his father’s woodshop at the early age of 5, helping Jose Sr. make high-end cabinetry.  When Jose Jr. made the first case with a shop foreman machine, he showed it to his father.  Being competitive with each other, Jose Sr. said, “What is this? I can do better than that!”  And he did, as the design sold today was from dear old dad!  Jose Jr. commented, “I soon realized, dad was the master and I was still the student!”  Jr. also stated, “We saw there was a market for this product as veneered cases was all that was out there at the time.  These are real wood all the way through.”  Jose Sr. is well known for his cabinetry, millwork and display case work, especially for a certain 41st President of the United States, George H. W. Bush.

It’s good to see woodworking carried on to the next generation, keeping woodworking and handcraftmanship alive.

Just as a side note, this blogger has one on his iPhone, and it gets noticed everywhere I go.  It’s strong, durable and protects my iPhone very well.  In fact, at the AWFS show, I was asked if I ever dropped my phone, as I handed the phone to an interested party, who’s identity shall remain nameless!!  I said “no”.  And as I handed him the iPhone, he proceeded to drop it!!  As my heart dropped, my fears were soon dismissed as the case and iPhone fended well against the first and hopefully the last drop!

So get your Woody iPhone case today, it’s sure to be a hit!
auf Wiedersehen!…Frank

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    Lew, August 3, 2013
    So Cool!! You guys at Woodcraft are going to fool around and give me an unavoidable excuse to by an iPhone. Reply

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