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NEW! WoodRiver DV2 Self-Centering Drilling Vise from Woodcraft

153220bWant to get into lathe turning to make pens, bottle stoppers, or other items?  Don’t have a drill press?  No worries!

Woodcraft has come up with a solution with a much lower price point than having to purchase a drill press.  The NEW WoodRiver DV2 Self-Centering Drilling Vise (item #158385) makes it easy and affordable, utilizing your corded or cordless hand drill.  Bore straight, accurate holes for everything from pen blanks to bottle stoppers.

The Vertical “V” slots in the vise’s jaws secure round or square blanks under the drilling guide, keeping them parallel and square for consistently accurate and repeatable drilling. Fully adjustable to accommodate pen blanks and bottle stopper blanks up to 1-1/2”. A sturdy angled steel base allows for comfortable use with a hand held drill. Just clamp a pen or bottle stopper blank in the vise, center under your guide, and drill away. Vise will remain centered on every subsequent pen blank and bottle stopper up to 1-1/2″ square (2-3/16″ diagonal).

The WoodRiver DV2 Self-Centering Drilling Vise includes a set of 4 Drilling Guides and Stop Collars for the most commonly used sizes (7mm, 10mm, 25/64″, and 27/64″). Other sized drilling guides and stop collars sold separately.

DV2 Drill Guides_Stop CollarsA

With the development of the Whiteside “TruFit” Pen Maker’s Bits which are designed to fit the brass tubes of the pen kits, the use of these bits are NOT recommended. Please use any standard pen maker’s or brad point bits for the best fit with the guide collars.

Full details and other new products are provided for on this WoodRiver DV2 Vise by product development manager, Ben Bice.

No excuses, turn your creativity loose with this new vise fixture, and make something you’ll be proud to own or give away.

auf Wiedersehen!…Frank


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Comments (5)

  1. avatar
    Joel Green Studios Inc., December 11, 2013
    Very cool! There should be a contest to win one... Reply
    • avatar
      donna, December 11, 2013
      how do i win one? ;) Reply
  2. avatar
    Rohit, December 12, 2013
    Well, these are really awesome to work with. I also have a wood craft store and you can find that at http://www.indiancraftexport.com and I love to use tools like this which makes everything easy. Reply
  3. avatar
    Jean-Marie Coutaud, February 13, 2014
    No Drilling Guide & Stop Collar for 8 mm & 9 mm ? We need for pen maker. Thank you . Reply
    • avatar
      frank, February 13, 2014
      No, we do not offer the 8mm & 9mm since we do not carry those size items in our pen/pencil kit inventory. Reply

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