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Codger Lodge & Empty Bowls Combine for Successful Food Pantry Event

We recently released the story on “Codger Lodge Turners Aid Empty Bowls Food Pantry Program.”  This is the addendum to that function.

“This was a very successful day for those who need the areas food pantry program, but today….they came for the wooden bowls!”…Caroline Putnam

April 5th, 2014
DSCN4425As stated on our previous Empty Bowls blog, the soup and bowl charity event was held Saturday, April 5th. The 17th century recorded proverb, “The early bird gets the worm” would be the standard to remember for next year’s function! I arrived at 11:30, a half hour after the opening, to find that all of the 50 wooden bowls created by Codger Lodge woodworkers that were included with the purchase of the soup lunch for $10 had been the first to be picked over.  All that were left were the ceramic choices.  Once paid at the door, I selected a ceramic bowl, and fell into line for the homemade offerings.  There were white and red chiles’, Southwestern style soups, potato, tomato, lentil and wedding soups, just to name a few!  So many choices, so little time, but you could go back for as much soup, breads, crackers, desserts, and beverages as you wanted.  On-hand were 30+ volunteers that were hosting, serving, cleaning, restocking, and working in the kitchen.

DSCN4434 ??????????

There was no need to use your take-home bowl of choice for the actual luncheon as the church provided all the essentials for the more than 300 people that attended the charity event. This year the final tote was $3445 for the Marietta area food pantry program, $1000 more than last year and is attributed to the wooden bowls supplied by the guys at Codger Lodge.


I caught up with fellow codgers, Bill Sands and Mikey Ellison who entertained a few of the locals with some interesting woodworking stories!


The only way to get a wooden bowl was to partake in the silent auction, in which 8 of the 50 bowls were saved. You did not have to be present to win your items, however it was advantageous to do so, as we were given a chance to be the highest bidders to help increase the food pantry cause.

DSCN4436 DSCN4437

I had my eye on a Cherry turned bowl by Mike Sharps (bottom right above), but was particularly interested in the Catalpa bowl (left below), turned by Jimmy Morrison. Also in the auction was the largest item to bid on, Bill Sands 11-1/2″ diameter Maple bowl (below-right)


Program administrator Caroline Putnum said, “This was a very successful day for those who need the areas food pantry program, but today….they came for the wooden bowls!”

Hopefully we’ll see you and your handcrafted bowl at next year’s event.
Stay woodworking my friends,
auf Wiedersehen!…Frank

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