The Chains of Freedom

We take time out to remember what the 4th of July truly means and thank those who defend our country.


Twas The Night Before Christmas

A change up from the old classic story with a bit of woodworking thrown into the mix! Twas the Night Before Christmas, When All Through the Woodshop…


NEW Pen Inlay Kits Coming Soon To Woodcraft!

Hopefully you have seen our “How-To” on  Creating Custom Acrylic Pens blog and video by Ben …


Woodworking In The Dark

From our blog on Easy Wood Tools, and meeting Rory …


Forrest Woodworker II 10″ 48 Tooth Blades

Recently, we had a visit from Forrest Saw Blade Manufacturing here at More

Kevin Mack Fine Furniture at Wood Expo 2011

This is Kevin Mack, a furniture craftsman from Boston, Massachusetts. His retro juke box design with a 100 watt …

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