Woodcraft Magazine Issue #40 Preview

Woodcraft Magazine Issue #40 Preview

Here is a pre-newsstand peek into the upcoming April/May 2011 Issue #40 of our Woodcraft Magazine.
The cover features a More

Solo Exhibit of Nairi & Larisa Safaryan

Nairi Safaryan, the pfeil- More

Kevin Mack Fine Furniture at Wood Expo 2011

This is Kevin Mack, a furniture craftsman from Boston, Massachusetts. His retro juke box design with a 100 watt …


WoodRiverV3 Bench Planes with Rob Cosman

WoodRiver V3 Bench Planes are based on the classic, time-tested Bedrock design. The original Bedrock Planes have proven to be among …


Walter Croft – Professional Allstar Carver

In America we have the National Football League (NFL), the National Basketball Association (NBA), Major League Baseball ( More

The Bennet Street Boys

The Backstreet Boys got nothing on these Bennet Street Boys. While the Backstreet Boys create art with their voices, the guys of North Bennet Street create art with their …

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