Kevin Mack Fine Furniture at Wood Expo 2012

The Mack attack is back at the WoodExpo 2012 Show with Woodcraft’s Woodworking Adventures Blog with 5 new fantastic entries showing off his creativity and woodworking expertise.


Kayak Building Part 3 – Inserting the Frames

Inserting the temporary support frames to give the boat it’s shape was a challenge in the narrow tips of the boat!


Worthington Elementary School Visits Woodcraft

In an ongoing partnership in education program with Worthington Elementary School, Woodcraft was once again visited by over forty 5th graders for Shadow Day.


Kayak Building Part 2 – Planing, Drilling, Wiring

After drilling the holes, the wire stitching begins and the boat is finally taking shape! Plus, a lesson in using a hand plane!


Woodpeckers’ One-Time Tools Offered at Woodcraft

Pre-Selling Special Orders Now!
These Items Will Not Be Available for Sale After April 30, 2012… Estimated Delivery End of July!


I can’t believe I’m building a kayak! – Part 1

Working at Woodcraft has not only exposed me to the woodworking industry, but their involvement with a non-profit group, Adventure Pursuit, also introduced me to kayaking. So, I decided to build my own!

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